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Vi ste ovdje: Početna Aktivnosti Naučne konferencije / Scientific Conferences Why conference on tourism and why conference on Jahorina?
Why conference on tourism and why conference on Jahorina? Štampa El. pošta
četvrtak, 28 jul 2016 08:57

Why conference on tourism?

Tourism is one of the most attractive sectors of the economy today. Unfortunately, in the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as in most developing countries, tourism is underdeveloped and high economic value that can be obtained by exploiting its potential is not sufficiently used. How tourism influence on competitiveness of one country? What forms of tourism are currently the most suitable and profitable? What's new in the tourism sector? Does one country can build its competitiveness on tourism – how? Whether the development of tourism, in economic terms of the sustainability of the country, can compensate for the lack of economic production? ...

These are some of the questions that are challenge for scientists, tourism experts and economists in revealing the opportunities and possibilities that the development of tourism and all related branches of industry provides for the economic progress of a country, for profits, better links with other countries, attracting clients, image building, etc…

Scientific-Expert Conference "Jahorina business forum" provides an opportunity for the presentation of empirical and theoretical knowledge about these issues and pointing to their impact on the improving competitiveness of business and the economy in the region and beyond. Given that comprises two different but related topics, this conference provides a platform for exchange of views, experiences and creating new ideas in terms of inter-state cooperation in the field of tourism, linking the region with the aim of stronger economic growth and overcoming the crisis. In such a situation, the academic and professional community is invited to contribute in suggesting directions for further development of this industry in order to become more competitive economy and a society that better meets the needs of its citizens.

In 2011, Faculty of Economics Pale launched a tourism study program and this conference is one of the ways to acquire new knowledge and present achievements made so far.


Why conference on Jahorina?

Jahorina Mt. is the most beautiful Olympic mountain in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It belongs to the Dinaric Mountain System and its highest peak is Ogorjelica with 1,916 m a.s.l.  In summer it is covered with thick green grass and in winter with up to 3 m high snow.  Jahorina Mt. extends from 43°39' to 43°47' north latitude and from 18°31' to 18°43' east longitude. Extraordinary land configuration, plentitude of good quality snow, favorable climate, 20 km of alpine skiing trails and gentle slopes (Rajska dolina) contributed that this mountain is among the finest and most famous ski resorts. The average number of days with snow on Jahorina Mt. is 175, from November until the end of April. Ten-year average height of snow in February has been 106 cm. During XIV Winter Olympic Games in Sarajevo, Jahorina Mt. was the venue for women alpine ski discipline. Jahorina Mt. is 30 km away from Sarajevo, and 15 km from Pale.

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